Get all your energy requirements from one device such as:

  • electricity generation 24/7
  • cooking on standard gas stoves
  • water heating on demand
  • air conditioning for summer and winter
  • refrigeration for cold rooms
  • heating of swimming pools
  • activated carbon – Biochar – for the garden

All the energy from one biomass gasifier!

This applies to residential dwellings, country lodges, hospitals, hostels, schools, office blocks, warehouses and more.

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Syngas is obtained at high temperatures (900+ degrees Celsius) by the gasification of biomass. The Syngas consists of carbon monoxide and hydrogen and can be used as fuel for an internal combustion engine, a steam boiler, a gas turbine, an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbine or an indirectly fired gas turbine (IFGT), which in turn drives an electric generator. The gasification plant can be provided from 5kW to 20MW modules. Contact Biolec Africa for a survey and quotation.

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Solar Energy

Any biological plant is solar energy. The sun makes it grow and it is like a storage of solar energy. When the plant material is gasified it releases its energy as heat and chemical energy contained in the composition of the gas. The gas is net combusted in an internal combustion engine to drive a generator.

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Transforming waste management

Biolec Africa is capable of generating heat and electric energy from industrial or municipal solid waste (MSW) after recyclates have been removed with a process that excretes a non-toxic fly ash which can safely be landfilled without any harmful consequences. The equipment is small and fits within a standard warehouse building and has very low gas emissions that requires a small stack that protrudes 3 metre above the building. Potential clients can select from the options to purchase or rent the plant or to just buy the energy generated.

Biolec Africa is in staat om hitte en elektriese energie uit industriele en munisipale afval te genereer nadat herwinbare komponente verwyder is met ‘n proses wat ‘n nie-toksiese as vrystel wat veilig begrawe kan word sonder enige nadelige gevolge vir die omgewing. Die toerusting is klein en pas maklik in ‘n standaard skuur gebou in. Die vrystelling van rook of brandgas is minimaal en vereis een klein skoorsteen wat 3 meter bokant die gebou uitsteek. Voornemende kliente kan tussen die opsies kies om die aanleg te koop, te huur of slegs die energie te koop.

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